Leonard Hagler Duran Hearns

Disc 1. Gheto To Glory To Gold 58 min. : Flesh And Blood 58 min.

Disc 2. The Will To Win 58 min. : A Champion Never Quits 58 min.

Disc 3. Iran Barkley The 5th King.


Documentaries £4 Each

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Amir Khan Angry Young Men(3 parts)141 min.
The Crowning Of A Prince(Naseem Hamed) 74min.
Xmas Special 1996(Naseem Hamed) 74min.
The Prince Reigns On(Naseem Hamed) 75min.
Little Prince Big Fight(Naseem Hamed) 62min.
Unforgivable Blackness"The Rise And Fall Of Jack Johnson".
Reputations-Sugar Ray Robinson 48min.
The Jack Johnson Story 55min.
The Joe Louis Story 53min.
The Rocky Marciano Story 57min.
The Jack Dempsey Story 44min.
The Jim Braddock Story 47min.
Hbo Real Deaths(Arguello,Forest,Gatti)
Assault In The Ring.
Triumph And Tragedy The Ray Mancini Story.
Kostas Tszyu Destiny.
Champions Forever The Latin Legends.
Zoom Zoom The Professor Azumah Nelson Doc.
Boxing In And Out Of The Ring (looking at corruption in boxing) 2001 91min.
The Best Of Sugar Ray Robinson 89min.
Down The Street Of Dreams(Wayne McCullough) 68min
Reputations-Joe Louis 48min.
The Fab 4 (Hagler,Leonard,Duran,Hearns) 89min.
The Fighter (Micky Ward story).
Tyson The Right Stuff / The Mike Tyson Chronicles.
Leonard The Hugh Mcilvanney Interview.
Magic Man (Paulie Malignaggi) 77min.
Paul Sykes At Large (the author of Sweet Agony) 50min.
Broken Noses (Andy Minsker) 74min.
The Hurricane (movie: Denzil Washington)
Tyson 08 52min/Tyson 09 86min.
Champ From The Casbah (tribute to Najib Daho) 56min.
 X2 Sports Century Documentary's Joe Frazier and Sugar Ray Leonard.
Johnny Owen The long Journey 40min.
Reputations-Sonny Liston. 48min.
The Randolf Turpin story 89min.
After The Last Round 83min.
x2 docs Bright Lights Dark Shadows And Pound For Pound-Sugar Ray Robinson.
Lionel-The Story Of Australian Boxing Legend Lionel Rose82min.
Micheal"The Voice"Schiavello v Sugar Ray Leonard 50min Plus Espn Doc About Sugar Ray Leonard 42min.
Ring Of Fire-The Emile Griffith Story 87min.
Fighters 105min.
Michael Watson-Fighting Back 49 min : Micheal Watson-The Peoples Champ 47min.
Boxing-A Bloody Business(A Look At Boxing Promoters) 41min.
In This Corner-Legendary Heavyweights 49min.
Frank Bruno-Inside The Mind Of 48min : Laid Bare 43min : Gloves off 51min.
Merry Christmas Frank Bruno 1995. 96min
Frank Bruno-Golden Gloves 48min : Sporting Greats 26min
Boxings Greatest Champions-The Light heavyweights 46min.
Figting For The Holy Family-(A look at the holy family boxing club N Ireland during the troubles)48min.
The Ring A South London Tale-Arena Doc From 1993  Paul Lynch 61min.
Punches They Didn,t See Coming-70 classic k.o,s 115 min.
Manny Pacquiao-No Fear Doc parts 1 + 2 (2 discs).
The Joe Louis Story-B&W Movie 1953 staring Coley Wallace and Ossie Davis 82min.
British Boxing Greats 87min : British Boxing Greats 2 61min : British Boxing Champions World Title Fights 92min.
Raging Bull-staring Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci, Cathy Moriarty running time 119min.
Roberto Durans uk tour 1988-Features sparring with Nigel Benn & exhibitions with Micheal Harris & Errol Christie 44min also Beyond the Glory 41min.
The Great White Hope-1970 Movie Staring James Earl Jones As Jack Johnson 102min.
The Harder They fall-1956 Movie Staring Humphrey Bogart, Rod Steiger, Jan Sterling.
Prison Boxing-The Story Of 4 Prisons In The US Who Have Fighters Trying To Win Institutional State Amature Boxing Title 46min.
The Fight Of Their Lives-The Story Of Nigel Benn v Gerald McClellan 65min + Full Fight And A 6 min Interveiw With McClellan.
Risen-The Howard Winstone Story 116 min.
Knuckle-An Epic 12 Year Journey Into The Brutal World Of Irish Traveler  Bare KNUCKLE Fighting 92min.
Barry Mc Guigan-Its Hard Coming Second 50 min & Fredie Welsh,s Scrapboks 29 min.
Gypsey Blood-A Insight Into Gypsey life And The Fighting Culture 72 min.
Sports Century Doc Marvin Hagler 42 min + 3 Classic Fights Duran, Hearns, Leonard. 
Heavyweight 2 Doc Special: Billy Walker 59min And Joe Bugner All In A Day 44min.
Joe Frazier : When The Smoke Clears 71min.
On Freddie Roach : A Six Part Fly On The Wall Doc Following Freddies Life In The Wild Card Gym And His Battle With Alzheimers 2 discs 155min.
26 Years-The Dewe Bozella Story 48min.
Fighting The Mob The Carmen Bassilio Story 48min.
Joe Louis-The Boxer Who Beat Hitler 48min.
Sports Century Archie Moore 43min.
Sports Century Rocky Graziano 42min.
behind The Fights-60 Years Of Madison Square Garden Vol 1&2 102min.
Peirs Morgan Life Storys Frank Bruno. 45min : Sporting Heros Ellery Hanley Interveiws Frank Bruno 47min.
Tyson Biography 57min.
The Jack Dempsey Story-Movie Staring Treat Williams 105min.
Reg and Harrys Classic Fight Night-The Two Legends Look Back At 12 Classic Fights 91min
Resurrecting The Champ Movie Staring Samuel l Jackson And Josh Hartnett 112mins.
Isreal Vasquez v Rafeal Marquez Trilogy Documentary 107min.
Hasim Rahman doc 45min : Barry Mc Guigan Sporting Greats 26min : Frank Bruno Sporting Greats 26min : Mike Tyson Bio 45min.
The Real Rocky Chuck Wepner 52min : Ali v Wepner full fight.
Short Stories Brendans Boys 25min : Bomber And Brendan 39min : Bombers Mission 25min.
Barry McGuigan Spoprts Life Stories 46min.
"Black Flash" The Pat Barrett Story 43min & Pat Barrett Doc 28 min.
Emanuel Steward And Thomas Hearns Interveiw 55min.
Hatton-Road To Redemption 45min + Hatton v Senchenko.
Freddie Flintoff From Lords To The Ring Parts 1, 2 + 3.
Amir Khan Sports Life Stories 45min.
Ringside Top 25 Knockouts 185min.
Chris Eubank-Faces Of Islam 19min : Ringside Special 50min
China Heavyweight-In Central China A Master Coach Recruits Poor Rural Teenagers And Turns Them Into Western Style Boxing Champions 94min.
Latin Legends 94min : Salvadore Sanchez Tribute 8min
This Is Your life x3-Harry Carpenter : Reg gutteridge : Frank Bruno
Ringside Mike Tyson-Kid Dynamite 93min.
Evander Holyfield-No Compromise 46min : Real Sports Storys 14min
48 hour Mystery Arturo Gatti,s Last Fight 40min
Floyd Mayweather-30 Days In May Filmed Between May 5th And August 5th 2012 58min.
Amir Khan-Return Of The King 3 Part Doc Looking At Khans Career So Far His Plans For The Diaz Fight And Preperations 101min.
Floyd Mayweather v Robert Guerrero All Access Parts 1, 2, 3, 4.
Ring Within The Rings-The History Of Olympic Boxing Prior To The 1996 Atlanta Games 78min.
Sporting Heros-Gary Newbon Interveiws Prince Naseem Hamed 47min.
Behind The Fights-Mills Lane Boxing Legend 44min.
The Fighter Of The Century-Brian Mitchell 50min.
Rachel Bruno My Dad And Me 58min.
The Fight-The Story Of Joe Louis v Max Schmelling 89min.
Cornered-Profile Of Johnny Greaves A Journeyman Boxer 48min.
Joe Calzaghe-No Ordinary Joe 45min : When Des Met Joe 23min : Fighting Back-Calzaghe v Hopkins Joe Looks Back At His Fight with Bernard Hopkins 51min.
Sports Life Stories-Nicola Adams 46min.
World Amateur Boxing Finals 2013 (Highlights) 89min.
Chris Eubank Sports Life Stories 47min : Ringside Special 51min.
David Haye vs Part 1. Michael Mcintyre, Justin Beiber, Dizzee Rascal : Part 2. Ricky Gervais, Mikey Rourke
Frederick Wisemans Gym 2010 91min.
Mike Tyson Undisputed Truth.
"No Mas" The Story Behind The Leonard/Duran Second Fight 79min.
Legendary Nights The Story Of Gatti/Ward 76min.
Sports Century-Sonny Liston 43min.
Ringside-Sugar Ray Robinson Brian Kenny And Guests Bert Sugar, Carmen Basilio, Dave Anderson And Pete Hamil Look Back At Robinsons Career 140min.
Night Of The Fight-Hattons Last Stand 46min.
KLITSCHKO The Captivating Story Of The Boxing Worlds Most Famous Brothers Vitali And Wladimir Klitschko 108min.
Outback Fight Club-The Worlds Last Remaining Tent-Boxing Troupe Run By Fred Brophy in Australia 94min.
Nigel Benn-My Childhood 56min.
Vinny Pazzienza-"A Night To Remember" The Pazz Mans Retirement Ceremony 60min.
Evander Holyfield Ringside Special 49min.
Espn Ringside-Rivalries Disc 1. Hosted By Brian Kenny With Guests Al Bernstien, Dave Anderson, Pete Hamill, Burt Sugar, Angilo Dundee, Carman Basillio And Gil Clancy 119min.
Espn Ringside-Rivalries Disc 2. Hosted By Brian Kenny With Guests Al Bernstein, Dave Anderson, Pete Hamill, Burt Sugar, Angilo Dundee, Carmen Basillio And Gil Clancy  183min.
Girl Boxers-A Look At The Growth in Popularity Of Boxing Among Girls In China 46 min.
Lodge Boys-A Look At The Historic Fitzroy Logdge Boxing Club 47min.
Ringside-Marciano Undefeated A Look Back At the Career of Rocky Marciano With Host Brian Kenny And Guests Burt Sugar, Teddy Atlas, Angilo Dundee, Lou Duva, Bill Gallo & George Forman 141min.
Ringside Special Kellie Maloney-The Story Of Ex-Boxing Promoter Kellie Maloney Formaly Known as Frank.

Tapia-Director Eddie Alcazar Candidly Reveals Tapias Struggles Through Intimate Interveiws Archival Footage, And Photos That Showcase His Vivacious Personality 52min.

Manny-A Man Who Overcame Insurmountable Odds To Become One Of The Most Loved And Respected Athletes Of All Time 84min.

Kelly Pavlik His Story 49min + v Miranda.

Naseem Hamed The Paddy And The Prince 49min.

Winning Woman-Katie Taylor 25min : Taylor v Chorieva(TJK) 2012 Olympic Lightweight Semi Final : Taylor v Ochigava(RUS) 2012 Olympic Lightweight Final

Champs-Tyson : Holyfield : Hopkins 90min.

The Good Son-The Life Of  Ray"Boom Boom"Mancini 86min.

Luke Campbell-The Golden Boy 51min.

Anthony Joshua-The Journey Part 1 46min.

Lee Selby-Bad Boy Boxer The Last Chance 57min + Selby v Gradovitch.

Chasing Tyson 78min.

Mr Calzaghe 89min.

Boxing At The Movies : Kings Of The Ring Danny Leigh Explores The Drama Of The Boxing Movie 59min.

Bingo : The Ensley Bingham Story 73min.

Rocky Lockridge-Intervention 45min.

American Justice-Ruben Carter story 44min.

Hands Of Stone (Movie) The Story Of Roberto Duran 105min.

The Guv'nor-The Lenny McLean Story 84min.

Fern Britton Meets Nigel Benn 57min.

Crimefighters Steve Bunce Doc 46min.

Bleed For This (Movie) The Story Of Vinny Pazienza Staring Miles Teller & Aaron Eckart 117 min.

The Legend Lennox Lewis 187 min.

Joshua-The Road To klitschko 58 min.

Fight Game The McGuigans Episodes 1 2 & 3 aprox 89 min.

Jawbone-Movie Starring Johnny Harris, Ray Winstone, Michael Smiley, Ian McShane 91 min.

My Name Is Lenny-Movie Biopic of Lenny McClean Staring Josh Helman As Lenny 90 min.

Chuck-Movie Chuck Wepners story Staring Liev Schriber (24/7 Narrator) & Naomi Watts 101min.

Champion-1949 Movie staring Kirk Douglas Marilyn Maxwell & Arthur Kennedy 99min.

Pound For Pound Who Was The Greatest 58min.

Tyson And The Heavyweights 49min.

Tyson Presents Greatest K.O,s 58min.

Tyson A Trip Through Boxing History 31min.

Heart Of a Champion-The Ray Mancini Story 1985 Movie Starring Robert Blake Doug McKeon & Mariclare Costello 90 min.

The Bronx Bull-2016 Jake La Motta Biopic Starring Will Forsyth, Paul Sorvino, Penelope Ann Miller, Joe Mantegna, Natasha Henstridge Running Time 94 min.

Hatton v Mayweather The Full Story 115 min.

NOTORIUS 2017 Conor McGregor 90 min.

Max Baer Tender Hearted Tiger 25 min.

James J Corbett-The Gentleman Prizefighter 73 min.

Remember The Name-Doc About A Fighter Starting His Career 69 min.

Chasing The Dream-Lawrence Okolie, Joshua Buatsi & Anthony Fowler  In 4 Parts On 2 Discs.

Sporting Greats-Sugar Ray Leonard 26 min.

Benny-The Benny Lynch Story (In Scotish Gaelic With English Subtitles) 57 min.

Rocky Ros Muc-The Sean Mannion Story ( In Irish With English Subtitles) 90 min.

30 For 30 "Tommy" The Tommy Morrison Story 78 min.

Australian Story Jeff Horn 30 min + Horn v Pacquiao.

The Jamie Moore Story 59min.

Murder In Soho - Who Killed Freddie Mills 89 min.

The Calzaghe Clan Parts 1-4 115 min.

Kassim Ouma-The Dream 87 min.

Josh Warrington "Fighting For A City" 92 min.

Americas First Bare Knuckle Fighting Championships 35 min.

Prospects-Shot Over Five Seasons George Kean & Marlon Mellish Stake There Lives On A Career In The Ring 94 min.

Brooklyns Greatest (2018) William DeMeo Writes And Stars As A Boxer Taken Under The Wing Of Mob Bosses Michael Madsen And Alec Baldwin 117 min.

KATIE (2018) After A Year Of Setbacks Irish Champion Boxer Katie Taylor Attempts To Battle Her Way Back To The Top Of The Sport 86 min.

Bare Knuckle (2018) Documentary Lifting The Lid On The Divisive World Of Bare Knuckle Boxing 80 min.

Rise & Fall Of The Gypsey King 45 min + Tyson Fury v Tom Schwarz.

I Am DURAN 81 min.

The Hurt Business- Examines The Rise Of MMA Through The Eyes Of Todays Stars 103 min.

Newports Rocky David Pearce 32 min.

Iside The Cage-The Rise Of The Female fighter 41 min.

Through My Fathers Eyes-The Ronda Rousey Story 101 min.

Top Rank Greatest Knockouts 76 min.

Cradle Of Champions 2018 Three Young People Battle To Change Their Lives Through A Three Month Odyssey Of The New York Daily News Golden Gloves The Biggest And Oldest Amateur Boxing Tournament In The Word 100 min.

Boxings Best The Greatest Champions - Classic 80,s Documentary The Boxing Writers Of America Select There Best Fighters Of All Time In Each Weight Division Leading Up To Their Selection Of Greastest Fighter Of All Time

A Melbourne Story 53 min & Barry Michael v Lester Ellis.

Ringside Special - Oscar De La Hoya Adam Smith & Johnny Nelson Interveiw De La Hoya 50 min.

Behind The Fights - First Round Knockouts 47 min.

Pariah-The Lives And Deaths Of Sonny Liston 86 min.

42 To 1 The Story Behind Mike Tyson v Buster Douglas 52 min.

Jesus Chavez-Split Decision 56 min.

Dmitri Salita-Ortadox Stance Finding God Through Boxing 78 min.

FIGHT : The Jim Murray Story The Story Of Scotish Boxer Jim Murray Who Was Knocked Out In A British Bantamweight Title Fight in 1995 what Followed Changed His Life The Lives Of Those He Loved And Boxing Forever 58 min.

Requiem For A Heavyweight Classic 1962 B/W Movie Staring Anthony Quinn, Jackie Gleason & Micky Rooney 81 min.

MACHO-The Hector Camacho Story 95 min.

Lennox Lewis The Untold Story Narated By Dr Dre 97min.

Raging Bullock Bbc doc 1992 A Video Diary By Young Amature Boxer Ben May 51 min.

Panorama-Boxing And The Mob Darragh Macintyre Investigates The Role Of The Alleged Head Of One Of Europes Biggest Drug Cartels In The Up Coming Heavyweight Title Fight Between Tyson Fury & Anthony Joshua 59 min.

In This Corner-Boxings Little Giants-Doc About The Best Fighters Of All Time Bellow Heavyweight Leonard, Ray Robinson, Benny Leonard, Pep, Henry Armstrong, Duran 46 min.

In This Corner-Boxings Legendary Heavyweights John L Sulivan, Jack Dempsey, Jack Johnson, Joe Louis, Rocky Marciano, Muhammad Ali 46 min.

Piers Morgan Life Stories-Chris Eubank 46 min.

Omnibus-Art In The Ring 1989 An Exploration Of The World Of Boxing Through Some Of Its Keenest Admires In The Arts Among Them Writer Norman Mailer Novelist Joyce Carrol Oats & Budd Schulberg Author Of "On The Waterfront" Moving Between The Reality Of The Fight Game In Atlantic City Brooklyn & London And The Fiction Of Feature Films Set In The World Of The Ring 58min.

Bruno v Tyson The Story Of A Legendary Boxing Rivalry Spanning Two Epic Fights Marred By Politics And Volatile Race Relations As The Old Foes Come Together For A reunion 85 min.

Jerry Quarry-Boxings Hard Luck Warrior 52 min.

Make It Or Die Trying-The Frank Warren Story 85 min.

Mike Tyson-The Knockout 2 Part Bio 170 min.

The Crowd Roars-Staring Robert Taylor 1938.

True North-When Boxing Ends Featuring Ryan Burnett, Brian Magee & Eamon Magee 29 min.

Undisputed- The Life And Times Of Ken Buchanan 58 min.

The Champ 1979 Staring John Voight, Faye Dunaway & Ricky Schroder 121 min.

Streets Of Gold 1986 Staring Klaus Maria Brandauer, Adrian Pasdar & Wesley Snipes 95 min.

One Night In Vegas-Tyson & Tupac 53 min.

Body And Soul 1947 movie Staring John Garfield & Lilli Palmer 106 min.

M14 A Moss Side Story 48 min.

Josh Taylor-Portrait Of A Fighter 58 min.

Against The Odds-The Tony Bellew Story.

The Survivor-Movie Staring Ben Foster As Harry Haft A Real Life Survivor Of Auschwitz Concentration Camp 2021 129 mins.

Christy Martin Untold-Deal With The Devil 2021 78 min.

Gerald Mc Clellan-Fallen Soldier Eye Opening Doc Following The Tragic Events Surrounding Mc Clellans Last Fight 48 min.

Iran Barkley The 5th King 65 min.

Counter Punch 90 min.

Sergio Martinez-Maravilla 80 min.

When The Bell Rings-The Story Of David Dino Wells Trying To Make A Comeback At The Age Of Forty 82 min.

Lioness-The Nicola Adams Story 95min.

Fight Life 2014-This Poignant Doc Chronicles MMA Fighters From All Different Levels Over The Course Of One Year 78 min.

Prizefighter-The Life Of Jem Belcher 2022 Staring Matt Hookings, Rauy winston, Russell Crowe 107 min.

Manny Pacquiao-Unstopable Force 2023 66 mim.

Right To Fight-How The Pioneers Of Womens Boxing Battled The Odds To Find Their Place In The Ring Featuring Archive Footage And Interveiws 89 min.

Big George Forman 2023 Staring Khris Davis, Jasmine Mathews, Sullivan Jones 129 min.

The Golden Boy-The Rise Of Oscar De La Hoya Whose Story Creates A Sensation He Becomes A Bona Fide Superstar Winning Multiple World Titles And Earning Recognition As One Of The Best Fighters In The World With Turmoil Lurking Beneath The Surface 160 min.

Untold-Jake Paul The Problem Child 72 min.

HATTON 100 min.

Louis Theroux interveiws Anthony Joshua 44 min.

Sonny Liston-A Legacy Of Menace And Mystery 61 min.

Roy Shaw Brute Force 2005 50 min.

Ringo The Oscar Bonavena Story 2024 41 min.

Dwight Muhammed Qawi The Camden Buzzsaw 2022 53 min.

Greg Haugen MUTT 56 min.


1. The Ali Story 58min.
2. Ali On Parkinson 1971, 1974, 1981.
3. Alis Rap 45min : Alis Dozen 45min.
4. Ali 65 45min.
5. When Ali Came To Newcastle 51min 
6. The Greatest 75min.
7. One Punch To Many 34min : Reputations 58min.
8. Ali Through The Eyes Of The World 74min.
9. Ringside-Muhammad Ali(A Look Back At The Career Of The Greatest) Parts 1, 2 & 3 241min.
10. Ringside-Muhammad Ali(A Look Back At The Career Of The Greatest) Parts 4, 5 & 6 214min.
11. Ali On william Buckley 1968 52min : Ali On Bud Collins Show 29min : Ali On Tonight Show 1972 14min : Ali On Tonight Show1973 7min : Ali On Tonight Show 1976 2min : Ali On 60 minutes 18min : Sports Illistrated 40 For The Ages 5min.
12. Sports Illistrated Night Of Champions 2001 60min : Ali & Cosell Dance Drubing And Draft 60min.
13. Ali & Cosell The Partnership Begins 60min : Ali And Cosell On The Road 60min.
14. The Ali Comeback 60min : The March To Frazier Rematch 60min : Ali On Jim Thorpe Sports awards 10min.
15. Ali/Liston 2 Post Fight Reveiw 36min : Ali/Quarry 1 Pre Fight 14min : Ali/Cosell Reveiw 1st Chuvalo Fight 42min : Ali On Monday Night Football 8min.
16. Ali/Cosell Reveiw Terrell Fight 50min : Battlelines Ali/Frazier 1 60min.
17. Phantom Punch Pbs Show On Ali/Liston 2 27min : Ali/Frazier On Dick Cavett 1973 97min.
18. Alis 60th Birthday Party 60min : Ali On Wide World Of Sports 14min : Legend To Legend Night With Ali 6min : Ali On Oprah 8min.
19. Ali The Whole Story 120min.
20. ALi/Frazier Abc Studio Brawl 85min.
21. Alis 50th Birthday Party 118min.
22. The Fighter Ali/Frazier 1 94min
23. Sweet Science My Name Is Ali 60min : Ali/Frazier 1 One Nation Divisable 59min.
24. A&E Biography Muhammed Ali 58min : Sports Sunday Life And Times Of Ali40min : Ali/Cosell Reveiw Williams Fight 23min.
25. The Life & Times Of Muhammed Ali Parts 1 & 2 112min.
26. The Life & Times Of Muhammed Ali Parts 3 & 4 120min.
27. The Life & Times Of Muhammed Ali Parts 5 & 6 59min.
28. The Life & Times Of Muhammed Ali Part 6 con 110min.
29. The Richest Prize In Sport-A Look At Muhammed Ali In The 60,s. From Olympic Gold In Rome To Being Stripped Of His Title After His 1967 Defence Against Zora Folly Narated By Harry Carpenter 54min.

30. I Cassiuis-The First Film Ever Made About Muhammed Ali Or As He Was Known Then Cassius Clay After He Had Just Become Champion Of The World Introduced By Harry Carpinter 61min.

31. My Life With Ali-Thomas Hauser Meets Alis Ex Wife Khahilah 28min. & Goodbye To The Greatest-Tribute From His Funeral 26min.

32. The Legend Muhammed Ali 26min. & Aint Got No Quarrel Muhammed Ali 26min.

33. I Am Ali 111min.

34. King Of The World-Movie Staring Terrence Howard & Gary Dourdan 84min.

35. When We Were Kings 123min.

36. Ali Still The Greatest Part 1. I Shook Up The World. Part 2. Ali v Britain
37. Ali Still The Greatest Part 3. Rumble In The Jungle Part 4. The Thriller In Manila Part 5. Champion Of The World Again.

38. Ali,s Greatest Fight-Movie Drama Revealing The Legal Sparing That Decided Alis Fate When He Refused To Enlist Stars Cristopher Plummer and Danny Glover Includes Archive Footage 91min.

39. Frank Skinner On Muhammad Ali-Frank Skinner Goes On A Journey To Explore The Life Of The Boxing Legend Muhammad Ali 58mim. + Urban Myths Muhammad Ali-Noel Clarke Stars As Ali, Based On The Time Ali Talked A Suicidal Man Down From A Ninth Floor Balcony 23min.

40. Ali The Peoples Champ 39 min.

41. Whats My Name Parts 1 & 2 162 min.

42. Wake Up And Apologise 1972 52min. & Skill Brains And Guts 1975 87 min.

43. Two Champions Ali Or Tyson 91 min.

44. Ali & Cavett - The Tale Of The Tapes 92 min.

45. The Frost Intervew 33 min. : This Is Your Life 43 min.

46. 2021 Ali v Frazier I 50th Aniversary Presented By Joe Tessitore 99 min.

47. Blood Brothers Malcolm X And Muhammed Ali 96 min. 2021

48. Ali A Life In Ten Pictures 59 min.

49. Ali,s Comeback-Ali,s Epic Return From The Shadows Of The Boxing Ring And Onto The World Stage 2020 85 min.

50. Muhammad Ali Round 1 The Greatest 1942-1964 129 min.

51. Muhammad Ali Round 2 Whats My Name 1964-1970 114 min.

52. Muhammad Ali Round 3 The Rivalry 1970-1974 110 min.

53. Muhammad Ali Round 4 The Spell Remains 1974-2016 100 min.

                                               PLEASE KEEP CHECKING BACK WITH US A LOT MORE STILL TO BE ADDED.



All Discs Can Be Bought For £1.50 Each Mininum Buy 4 Discs ( Unless Being Bought With Other Discs) Just Email With Your Selections And I Will Send You A Paypal Invoice.

1. Muhammad Ali v Liston(1964) Forman(1974) Special Features  Round-By-Round Feature : Photo Gallery : Statistics :

Extras : Clay v Liston Pre Fight "I AM THE GREATEST" Ali v Forman Pre-Fight And "CHAMPION OF THE WORLD" running Time 90 min.

 2. Tyson v Berbick(1986) M Spinks(1988) Bruno(1989)  Special Features  Round-By-Round Feature : Photo Gallery : Statistics :

Extras : Build-Up To Tyson Bruno Fight : Tyson And Don King Press Conference. running time 90 min.

 3. Marciano v Walcott(1952) Special Features Round-By-Round Feature : Photo Gallery : Statistics :

Extras : Marciano v Walcott In The Ring Pre-Fight And Post fight Interveiw. Running Time 55 min.

 4. Joe Frazier "THRILLA IN MANILA" v Ali(1975) Special Features Round-By-Round Feature : Photo Gallery : Statistics :

Extras : The Build Up : Background : The Philippines : Countdown To Fight. running time 55 min.

 5. Duran v Buchanan(1972) Special Features Round-By-Round Feature : Photo Gallery : Statistics :

Extras : Career Resume With commentary By Durans Co-Manager, Luis Henriquez running time 60 min.

 6. Jake La Motta v Dauthuille(1950) Hairston(1952) Hayes(1952)  Murphy(1952) Kilgore(1954) Special Features Round-By-Round Feature : Photo Gallery : Statistics :

Extras : Highlights Of La Motta v Marcel Cerdan running time 50 min.

 7. Muhammad Ali Part 2 v Wepner(1975) Bugner(1975) Special Features Round-By-Round Feature : Photo Gallery : Statistics running time 100 min.

 8. Joe Louis v Baer(1935) Braddock(1937) Schmeling(1938) Special Features Round-By-Round Feature : Photo Gallery : Statistics running time 55 min.

 9. Larry Holmes v M Frazier(1983) Tyson(1988) Special Features Round-By-Round Feature : Photo Gallery : Statistics :

Extras : Career Summary running time 55 min.

 10. Power Punchers Johnson v Moran(1914) Dempsey v Sharkey(1927) Louis v Galento(1939) Special Features Round-By-Round Feature : Photo Gallery : Statistics :

Extras : Johnson v Moran Pre-Fight running time 80 min.

 11. Sugar Ray Robinson v Olson(1952) Basilio(1957) Basilio(1958) Special Features Round-By-Round Feature : Photo Gallery : Statistics running time 82 min.

 12. Sonny Liston v Bethea(1958) Whitehurst(1958) Ali (1965) Special Features Round-By-Round Feature : Photo Gallery : Statistics :

Extras : Pre-Fight Build-Up And Post Fight Reaction To Liston v Ali Bout running time 75 min.

 13. Jack Dempsey v Willard(1919) Carpentier(1921) Gibbons(1923) Firpo(1923) Special Features Round-By-Round Feature : Photo Gallery : Statistics :

Extras : Pre-Gight Build-Up To Willard, Gibbons And Firpo Contests running Time 44 min.

 14. Power Punchers Part 2. Marciano v Charles(1954) Ali v Williams(1966) Tyson v Thomas(1987) Special Features Round-By-Round Feature : Photo Gallery : Statistics :

Extras : Pre-Fight Build-Up To Ali v Williams And Tyson v Thomas Fights running time 54 min.

 15. Jack Johnson v Burns(1908) Ketchel(1909) Jeffries(1910) Flynn(1912) Special Features Round-By-Round Feature : Photo Gallery : Statistics :

Extras : Prefights To Johnson v Jeffries And Flynn Contests running time 42 min.

 16. Max Schmeling v Sharkey(1930) Stribling(1931) Louis(1936) Special Features Round-By-Round Feature : Photo Gallery : Statistics :

Extras : Prefights To Schmeling v Joe Louis running time 31 min.

 17. Floyd Patterson v Johansson(1959) Johansson(1960 Johansson(1961) Special Features Round-By-Round Feature : Photo Gallery : Statistics :

Extras : Postfight Interveiw With Patterson By rocky Marciano running time 32 min.

18. Ken Buchanan v Laguna(1971) Kil Lee(1972) Special Features Round-By-Round Feature : Photo Gallery : Statistics :

Extras : Prefight Build-Up to Both Contests running time 70 min.

 19. Marcel Cerdan v Charron(1946) Manca(1948) Walzack(1948) Krawczyk(1948) Zale(1948) Turpin(1949) Special Features Round-By-Round Feature : Photo Gallery : Statistics :

Extras : Prefight Build-Up To Two Contests And One Postfight running time 50 min.

 20. Leading Lights Leonard v Tendler(1922) Armstrong v Ambers(1939) Williams v Jack(1948) Carter v DeMarco(1954) Duran v Kobayashi(1971) Special Features Round-By-Round Feature : Photo Gallery : Statistics :

Extras : Prefight Build-Up To Leonard v Tendler Bout running time 60 min.

 21. Fast Fists Ketchel v Papke(1909) Zale v Graziano(1946) Robinson v LaMotta(1951) Special Features Round-By-Round Feature : Photo Gallery : Statistics :

Extras : Prefight Build-Up To The Zale v Graziano And Robinson v LaMotta Fights running time 80 min.

 22. Henry Armstrong v Arizmendi(1938) Ross(1938) Garcia(1938) Special Features Round-By-Round Feature : Photo Gallery : Statistics :

Extras : Prefight Build-Up To Armstrong v Ross running time 45 min.

 23. Welterweights Ross v McLarnin(1935) Gavilan v Graham(1951) Gavilan v Turner(1952) Basilio v Saxton(1956) Special Features Round-By-Round Feature : Photo Gallery : Statistics running time 58 min.

 24. Jersey Joe Walcott v Charles(1951) Charles(1951) Charles(1952) Special Features Round-By-Round Feature : Photo Gallery : Statistics :

Extras : Prefight Build-Up To Second Contest running time 58 min.

 25. Paul Pender v Robinon(1960) Basilo(1961) Special Features Round-By-Round Feature : Photo Gallery : Statistics :

Extras : Postfight To Pender v Basilio Fight running time 50 min.

 26. Nino Benvenuti v Griffith(1967) Griffith(1967) Bethea(1970) Special Features Round-By-Round Feature : Photo Gallery : Statistics running time 80 min.

 27. Jimmy Carter v Aragon(1951) Salas(1952) Araujo(1953) Special Features Round-By-Round Feature : Photo Gallery : Statistics :

Extras : Prefight To Argon Contest running time 40 min.

 28. Georges Carpenter v Smith(1919) Cook(1922) Siki(1922) Nillies(1923) Beckett(1923) Special Features Round-By-Round Feature : Photo Gallery : Statistics running time 40 min.

 29. Barney Ross v Canzoneri(1933) Petrolle(1934) Special Features Round-By-Round Feature : Photo Gallery : Statistics :

Extras : Pre-Fight Build Up To Both Fights running time 62 min.

 30. Carmen Basilo v DeMarco(1955) DeMarco(1955) Special Features Round-By-Round Feature : Photo Gallery : Statistics :

Extras : Prefight Buil-Up To Both Contests running time 75 min.

 31. Dick Tiger v Giardello(1965) Rouse(1967) Special Features Round-By-Round Feature : Photo Gallery : Statistics :

Extras : Pre-And Postfights To Both Contests running time 110 mins.

 32. Tommy Farr v Louis(1937) Braddock(1938) Burman(1939) Special Features Round-By-Round Feature : Photo Gallery : Statistics running time46 min.

 33. Carlos Ortiz  v Lane(1959) Torres(1960) Bizarro(1966) Special Features Round-By-Round Feature : Photo Gallery : Statistics :

Extras : Three Pre-And Two Postfights running time 107 min.

 34. Joey Maxim v Murphy(1951) Robinson(1952) Special Features Round-By-Round Feature : Photo Gallery : Statistics :

Extras : Prefight To Sugar Ray Robinson Contest running time 66 min.

 35. Kid Gavilan v Janiro(1951) Cartier(1951) Pruden(1952) Davey(1953) Special Features Round-By-Round Feature : Photo Gallery : Statistics running time 43 min.

 36. Gene Tunney v Carpenter(1924) Gibbons(1925) Dempsey(1926) Dempsey(1927) Special Features Round-By-Round Feature : Photo Gallery : Statistics :

Extras : Prefight To Gibbons Contest running time 46 min.

 37. Benny Paret  v Thompson(1960) Griffith(1961) Special Features Round-By-Round Feature : Photo Gallery : Statistics :

Extras : Pre-And Postfight To Both Contests running time 107 min.

 38. Emile Griffith v Paret(1961)  Fullmer(1962) Special Features Round-By-Round Feature : Photo Gallery : Statistics :

Extras : Pre-And Postfight To Paret Contest Plus Prefight To Fulmer Bout running time92 min.

 39. Joe Louis Part 2. v Conn(1941) Simon(1942) Special Features Round-By-Round Feature : Photo Gallery : Statistics  running time 36 min.

 40. Italian-American Heavyweights  Canera v Sharkey(1933) Carnera v Impellietiere(1935) Marciano v Moore(1955) Special Features Round-By-Round Feature : Photo Gallery : Statistics running time 52 min.

 41. Joey Giardello  v Panter(1954) Cartier(1954) Troy(1954) Fullmer(1960) Tiger(1963) Special Features Round-By-Round Feature : Photo Gallery : Statistics running time 37 min.

 42. Ted Kid Lewis v Basham(1920) McCormick(1921) Carpentier(1922) Special Features Round-By-Round Feature : Photo Gallery : Statistics :

Extras : Prefight To Carpentier Contest running time 41 min.

 43. Gene Fullmer v Robinson(1957) Basilio(1959) Special Features Round-By-Round Feature : Photo Gallery : Statistics :

Extras : Prefight To Basilio Bout, Postfight Interveiw With Fulmer running time 107 min.

 44. Freddie Mills  v Lesnevich(1946) Woodcock(1946) Bueno(1948) Lesnevich(1948) Ralph(1948) Special Features Round-By-Round Feature : Photo Gallery : Statistics :

Extras : Prefight To The Mills v Bueno Contest running time 56 min.

 45. Bob Foster v Tiger(1968) DePaula(1969) Rondon(1972) Special Features Round-By-Round Feature : Photo Gallery : Statistics :

Extras : Prefights To All Three Contests running time 50 min.

 46. Little Big Men Canzoneri v Berg(1931) Pep v Famechon(1950) Pep v Savoie(1952) Pep v Chavez(1952) Special Features Round-By-Round Feature : Photo Gallery : Statistics running time 40 min.

 47. Archie Moore v Maxim(1952) Johnson(1954) Rinaldo(1961) Special Features Round-By-Round Feature : Photo Gallery : Statistics :

Extras : Postfight Interveiw With Moore running time 86 min.

 48. Power Punchers Part 3  Sharkey v Schmeling(1932) Baer v Schmeling(1933) Special Features Round-By-Round Feature : Photo Gallery : Statistics running time 40 min.

 49. Great British Boxers  Turpin v Cockell(1952) Turpin v Humez(1953) Charnley v Brown(1963) Special Features Round-By-Round Feature : Photo Gallery : Statistics :

Extras : Pre-Fight Build-Up To Turpin v Cockell And Turpin v Humez running time 48 min.

 50. Joe Brown v Smith(1957) Special Features Round-By-Round Feature : Photo Gallery : Statistics :

Extras : Pre-Fight Build-Up Post Fight Interveiw running time 45 min.




 The Whole Set Of 74 VHS Boxers Tapes Converted Onto 38 DVDS And Recorded In SP To Maintain The Original Quality Of The VHS Tapes

All Discs Can Be Bought For £2 Each Minimum Buy 3 Discs ( Unless Being Bought With Other Discs) Just Email With Your Selections And I Will Send You A Paypal Invoice

Disc 1.

1. Muhammed Ali v George Forman 30.10.74 : Sonny Liston 25.264

2. Mike Tyson v Trevor Berbick 22.11.86 : Michael Spinks 27.6.88 : Frank Bruno

Disc 2.

3. Roberto Duran v Ken Buchanan 26.6.72

4. Joe Frazier v Muhammed Ali 1.10.75 : Muhammed Ali 8.3.71

Disc 3.

5. Rocky Marciano v Jersey Joe Walcott

6. Randolf Turpin v Sugar Ray Robinson 10.7.51

Disc 4.

7. George Forman v George Chuvalo 4.8.70 : Joe Frazier 22.1.73 : Ken Norton

8. Sugar Ray Leonard v Wilfredo Benitez

Disc 5.

9. Power Punchers Jack Johnson, Jack Dempsey, Joe Louis, Rocky Marciano, Muhammed Ali, Mike Tyson

10. Sugar Ray Robinson v Randolf Turpin 12.9.51 : Carl Bobo Olsen 13.3.52

Disc 6.

11. Larry Holmes v Scott Frank 10.9.83 : Marvis Frazier 25.11.83 : Mike Tyson 22.1.88

12. Floyd Patterson v Ingemar Johansson 26.6.59 : Ingemar Johansson 20.6.60 : Ingemar johansson 13.3.61

Disc 7.

13. Muhammed Ali v Chuck Wepner 24.3.75 : Joe Bugner 1.7.75

14. Jake La Mota v Marcel Cerdan : Laurent Dauthville : Eugemne Hairston : Norman Hays : Bob Murphy : Billy Kilgore

Disc 8.

15. Henry Cooper v Cassius Clay 63 : Joe Erskine 59

16. Carlos Monzon v Emile Griffith 2.6.73

Disc 9.

17. Joe Louis v Max Baer : Jack Sharkey : James J Braddock : Max Schmeling

18. Jack Dempsey v Jess Wilard : Georges Carpentier : Tommy Gibbons : Luis Firpo

Disc 10.

19. Archie Moore v Durelle 10.12.58 : Durelle 12.8.59

20. Speed Kings Stanley Ketchel, Micky Walker, Tony Zale, Sugar Ray Robinson, Carlos Monzon, Marvin Hagler

Disc 11.

21. Marvin Hagler v Eugene Hart : Benny Briscoe

22. Jersey Joe Walcott v Rex Lane 24.11.50 : Ezard Charles 18.7.51 :

Disc 12.

23. Sugar Ray Robinson v Carl Olsen 9.12.55 : Carl Olsen 18.5.56 : Carmen Basilio

24. Sonny Liston v Clevland Williams 21.3.60 : Roy Harris 25.4.60 : Eddie Machen 7.9.60 : Floyd Patterson 25.9.62 : Floy Patterson 22.7.63 : Chuck Wepner 29.6.70

Disc 13.

25. Gene Tunney v Georges Carpentier 24.7.24 : Tommy Gibbons 5.6.25 : Jack Dempsey 23.9.26 : Jack Dempsey 22.9.27

26. Prime Movers Barney Ross, Henry Armstrong, Kid Gavalan, Carmen Basilio, Jose Napoles, Sugar Ray Leonard

Disc 14.

27. Jack Johnson v Tommy Burns : James J Jeffries : Stanley Ketchel : Jim Flynn

28. Thomas Hearns v Alfonso Hayman : Pipino Cuevas : Ernie Singletary

Disc 15.

29. Nino Benuenuti v Emile Griffith 17.4.67 : Luis Rodriguez 22.11.69 Tom Betha 23.5.70

30. Marcel Cerdan v Robert Charron 25.5.46 : Giovanni Manca 26.1.48 : Jean Walzack 9.2.48 : lucien Krawsyck 25.3.48 : Tony Zale 21.9.49

Disc 16.

31. Ken Buchanan v Ismael Laguna 13.9.71

32. Max Schmeling v Jack Sharkey 12.6.30 : Young Stribling 3.7.31 : Joe Louis 19.6.36

Disc 17.

33. Great Britons Jimmy Wilde, Ted Kid Lewis, Jack Kid Berg, Benny Lynch, randolph Turpin, Ken Buchanan

34. Joe Louis v Buddy Baer 23.5.41 : Billy Conn 18.6.41 : Abe Simon 27.3.42

Disc 18.

35. Bob Foster v Dick Tiger 24.5.68 : Frankie De Paula 22.1.69 : Andy Kendall 24.5.68 : Vicente Rondon 7.4.72

36. Willie Pep v Ray Famechon 17.3.50 : Sandy Sadler 8.9.50 ; Armand Savoie 1.10.52 : Fabela Chavez 19.11.52 : Joey Cam 1.6.55

Disc 19.

37. Emile Griffith v Benny Paret 1.4.61

38. The Little Big Men Benny Leonard, Lou ambers, Ike Williams, Jimmy Carter, Carlos, Ortiz, roberto Duran

Disc 20.

39. Ezzard Cjharles v Joe Louis 27.9.50

40. Alexis Arguello v Ruben Olivares 23.11.74

Disc 21.

41. Tommy Farr v Loe Louis 30.8.37 : James J Braddock 11.1.38 : Clarence Burman 13.4.39

42. Henry Armstrong v Baby Arizmendi 15.3.38 : Barney ross 31.5.38 : Baby Arizmendi 10.1.39

Disc 22.

43. Barney Ross v Tony Canzoneri 12.9.33 : Billy Petrolle 24.1.34

44. Max Baer v Max Schmeling 8.6.33 : Primo Carnera 14.6.34

Disc 23.

45. Wilfred Benitez v Randy Shields 25.8.78 : Maurice Hope 23.5.81

46. The Peoples Champions Fredie Welsh, Jim Driscoll, Len Harvey, Bruce Woodcock, Henry Cooper, Terry Downs

Disc 24.

47. Sandy Sadler v Charley Riley 1.11.50 : Willie Pep 26.9.51 : Bill Bosio 15.1.54 : Teddy Davis 22.5.55

48. Tommy Burns v Gunner Moir 2.12.1907 : Joe Beckett 16.7.20

Disc 25.

49. Jimmy Carter v Art Aragon 14.11.51 : Lauro Salas 15.10.52 : George Araulo 12.6.53

50. Carlos Ortiz v Kenny Lane 12.6.59 : Battling Torres 4.2.60 : Johnny Bezarro 20.6.66

Disc 26.

51. Freddie Mills v Harvey 20.6.42 : Woodcock 4.6.46 : Bueno 17.2.48 : Lesnevich 26.7.48 : Ralph 6.11.48 : Woodcock 2.6.49

52. Dick Tiger v Fernandez 20.1.62 ; Rouse 17.11.67

Disc 27.

53. Primo Carnera v George Godfrey 23.6.30 : Jack Sharkey 29.6.33 : Ray Impellitierre 15.3.35

54. Jack Sharkey v Primo Carnera 12.10.31 : Max Schmelling 21.6.32

Disc 28.

55. Georges Carpentier v Dick Smith 19.7.19 : Joe Beckett 4.12.19 : George Cook 22.1.22 : Battling Siki 24.1.22 : Marcel Nilles 6.5.23

56. Kid Gavalan v Tony Janiro 7.11.51 : Walter Cartier 14.12.51 : Gil Turner 7.7.52 : Chuck Davey 11.2.53

Disc 29.

57. Carmen Basilio v De Marco 10.6.55 : De Marco 30.11.55

58. John H Stracey v Jose Napoles 6.12.75 : Carlos Palamino 22.6.76

Disc 30.

59. Willie Pastrano v Harold johnson 1.6.63 : Terry Downes 30.11.64

60. Tony Canzoneri v Jack Kid Berg : Lou Ambers : Frankie Klick : Jimmy McCarnin

Disc 31.

61. Joey Giardello v Garth Pnter 8.1.54 : Walter Cartier 5.2.54 : Willie Troy 19.3.54 : Gene Fullmer 20.4.60 : Dick Tiger 7.12.63

62. Gene Fullmer v Sugar Ray Robinson 2.1.57 : Carmen Basilio 28.8.59 : Benny Paret 9.12.61

Disc 32.

63. Rocky Graiano v Janiro 31.3.50 ; Robinson 10.4.52 : Janiro 19.9.51 : Davey 17.9.62

64. James J Braddock v Tommy Loughran 18.7.29 ; Max Baer 13.6.35

Disc 33.

65. Paul Pinder v Sugar Ray Robinson 10.6.60 : Terry Downes 14.1.61 : Carmen Basilio 22.4.61

66. Bennt Paret v Don Jordan 27.5.60 : Emile Griffith 30.9.61

Disc 34.

67. Ted Kid Lewis v Johnny Basham 9.6.20 ; Boy McCormick 17.11.21 : Tom Gummer 16.2.22 : Georges Carpentier 11.5.22

68. Joe Brown v Wallace Bud Smith 13.2.57 ; Dave Charnley 25.2.63

Disc 35.

69. Jimmy Ellis v Jerry Quarry 27.4.68

70. Ruben Olivares v Lionel Rose 22.8.69 : Jesus Pimentel 14.12.71

Disc 36.

71. Joey Maxim v Freddie Mills 24.1.50 : Bob Murphy 22.8.51 : Sugar Ray Robinson 25.6.52

72. Ismael Laguna v Carlos Ortiz 10.4.65

Disc 37.

73. The Fab Four Hagler, Hearns, Leonard, Duran

Disc 38.

74. Solid Gold Floyd Patterson v Petye Rademacher : Joe Frazier v Jimmy Ellis : George forman v Ron Lyle